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Heroes With Heart award

A Few Words from our Chief:

David Petruccelli (or Rico to those of us in the Department) has been a firefighter and EMT for the Portland Fire Department for thirteen years. He is a dedicated professional who is committed to serving, to the best of his ability, the citizens of this City. He gives 100 percent to whatever he does. He is also HUGELY compassionate, both professionally and personally.

David's ability to see the larger picture during a fire or medical crisis has served his fellow firefighters well. He is able to take in, not only the scene, but the atmosphere surrounding the situation, the needs of family and friends associated with a victim. His quiet, sometimes gruff exterior hides a heart of gold. He strives to do the right thing always, and works for the most positive outcome, no matter what the call. He is a quiet, everyday hero.

His compassion extends beyond the department, to those victims who have suffered severe burns and their families. David is the head of the Portland Firefighters Children's Burn Foundation, a volunteer organization that seeks to bring relief to burn survivors and their families, to prevent burn injuries through education and training, and to educate the public and emergency responders throughout Maine about burn injuries and recovery. Each year, David and his wife, Gabrielle (whom he met while working as a counselor at summer burn camp) hosts a winter burn survivor's camp here in Maine for children 13 to 17 years old. He also enlists Portland Fire Department volunteers to drive Maine burn survivors between the ages of eight and 17 to summer burn camp in Connecticut. This initiative and integrity to help kids overcome overwhelming trauma in their lives exemplifies David's desire to honor the courage in others.

As his Chief, I am proud to be associated with the dedication and quiet example he sets for others to follow in the department, and I am proud to be connected with his efforts to make lives better for those who have survived an enormous ordeal, and who show such spirit and grace as they move forward with their lives. His capacity for making sure that happens is a large part of the reason I am pleased to be up here presenting David "Rico" Petruccelli with this year's Heroes With Heart award.