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Casco Bay Classic Tournament

This is the third year that Ron Flint and Marine Anglers for Research and Conservation has selected the burn foundation for one of its charities at the annual Casco Bay Classic Tournament. In just two years this event has donated $12,000 to the Portland Firefighters Children's Burn Foundation; $6500 one year and $5500 the other. The organizers hope to increase this donation by $2000 to $3000 with our increased involvement.



WE ARE IN NEED OF VOLUNTEERS TO REPRESENT THE LOCAL AND THE BURN FOUNDATION! The tournament's other charity of choice also hits close to home for many of us the MAINE ALS COLLABORATIVE. For Maine citizens suffering from the effects of Lou Gehrig's Disease.



On August 16th, Tuesday, we need 6 members to help with food prep. Join Phil Larou and myself at the Snow Squall in South Portland. We'll have some laughs and make light work to get things ready for the tournament banquet on Thursday.



***On August 18th, Thursday, we need 10 volunteers  to help with arranging tables, prize displays, auction items, water down the parking lot if dry. We need help from 12 noon to 9pm. Please commit to as much as you can.

The most important time would be from 4pm to 9pm. Local 740 is in charge of the food and serving station.

Our local made a great commitment to this event in support of us the members and of the burn foundation.

Please help make this event a success.****



On August 19th, Friday we need volunteers to run the grill and socialize.

6 members from 11am to 2pm

6 members from 4pm to 7pm

Spend a few hours helping out and then join up with the softball crowd as they get to town Friday night!



On August 20th, Saturday-

The last bit of presence needed is the easiest. The sponsors ask that some of us just hang out and socialize for a couple of hours Saturday evening. 6pm to 8pm.

We know this is a busy day with softball games all day and an event Saturday night as well. If you are finished with games early. If you aren't a softball player. Please consider helping for just a couple of hours?

6pm to 8pm on Saturday the 20th and then off to the event for the softball tournament.



Thank you for taking the time to look this over and check your calendars.