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Bicycle Safety

John Beatty

Fire and Life Safety Educator

Maine Fire Training & Education



It’s a beautiful sunny day the birds are chirping and it’s time to lose those ten extra pounds I gained during the winter months. What a great day for a bike ride. I go to my shed and take out my mountain bike and head on down the road to the park. As I’m riding down the road I keep on feeling that I forgot something.


Bicycling is a fun and healthy exercise. But before riding your bicycle on the road or in the woods, take the time to learn the rules. Many bicyclists are seriously injured in accidents because they are less protected than drivers of automobiles and /or they do not practice safe riding skills.


Lets talk about the Dos and Don’ts of Bicycle Safety.


·       Wear a bike helmet at all times; bicycle helmets are essential element to bike safety. Always strap on an approved ANSI safety helmet before you ride.

·       Try to keep your bike in good shape

·       Always let cars and people go first.

·       Slow down and check traffic at all corners.

·       Keep both hands on the handlebars except when doing turn signals.

·       Walk across busy streets.

·       Stay off busy streets.


·       Don’t ride at night without proper lighting.

·       Don’t wear headphones when riding your bike.

·       Don’t leave your bike unlocked when not in use.

·       Don’t stunt!

·       Don’t ride double.

·       Never go in and out of traffic.

·       Never go between two cars!

·       Try to stay off busy streets as much as possible.


Traffic laws apply to people riding bicycles. The laws are the same for cars as well as bikes.

 So strap on that helmet after you’ve had a safety check at your local bike shop, head out and have a good time. I don’t know what I enjoy more the sound of the birds or me huffing and puffing on down the road.